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Friday, January 19, 2007
Oh Desert.

 I did see some camels today... in fact while we were at a small arms range re-checking our zeros (making sure the rifle shoots where you point it) the camels flanked, encircled, and caused a rather lengthy cease-fire.  But apparently the Benduion herders do it on purpose, that is trying to get one of their camels shot.  Because then the US government get's stuck footing a $20,000 payout.  So really it's just a way to diversify out of the camel milk market for them.
   For the record my rifle shoots nice and straight but at present it isn't in the plan for me to open up my tank's diver's hatch and start shooting.  If that happens then we're already in trouble.  The only other thing I've been doing here besides eating DFAC chow and getting chubby is sitting through the same briefings I already did back home.  The only difference is now I'm getting paid more.  Going to try to remember to snap a few pictures of Kuwait and capture the wonderful scenery to share when I get home.

On a final note... hmmm... Go nuggets I guess.

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