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Monday, December 11, 2006
Yo Yo

   Still on pace to get deployed in January.  Things are getting packed up like crazy.  And soon I'll be on a sweet half-day schedule I hope.  Not much else to report.  The Broncos are killing me.  Av's are up 1-0 on Carolina though.  And the Nuggets have slipped a bit of late but still looking good.  Been playing waaay to much WoW. 

Posted at 10:19 pm by BrianRobb

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

   Well got to PT yesterday and got told that the 1st day back from leave I'm on CQ.  Whooppee.  Some good came of it.  I read a book by Barack Obama that was interesting.  And then I slept all day today.  Woke up just in time for Weinerschitzel from the DFAC.  Not much else is new.  No idea what we're doing tomorrow.  I think I may be in charge of running PT... running being a key word.

Posted at 06:45 pm by BrianRobb

Sunday, December 03, 2006

   I'm back in my barracks room.  Leave was good.  It's weird though... things that happened at the beginning of leave seem like ages ago... but it also feels like I just left Fort Stewart for leave yesterday.    At the moment anyway I'm watching Jay Cutler and the Broncs take on the made-up mascoted Seahawks.  So far the score is 0-0.  It's already 8:41pm here and I have PT in the morning at 6:30 which I don't think has really hit yet.  My body thinks it's about 6:40pm... maybe thats why I have the urge to order pizza now.

   I saw all my friends for probably the last time for the next year.  That was rather depressing.  I missed out on a few going away party nights because I got a nasty stomach flu too which sucked.  At least my parents will be out so I'll see them one more time before we leave.  Saying good-bye to Andrea may have been the hardest of all.  I didn't magically sweep her off her feet while I was home or anything.  I only was able to see her 4 times over the 2 weeks because of a lot of reasons.  It was just really sad.  I love her so much.  Anyway, who wants pizza? 

Posted at 08:39 pm by BrianRobb

Friday, November 17, 2006
On leave

On leave!  Haha.  Woo.  Err.  Yeah.

Posted at 05:08 pm by BrianRobb

Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Another random update

   Wow... have you ever seen the show "House"?  Wow.  There is some good TV on these days.  How did I ever go without cable in college?  Or maybe TV wasn't good back then.  Or maybe I need to start getting out more... but then again... I think Iraq will have plenty of outside time.   

   Another random thing... ever hear of Japan's "Untouchables"?  Caught a reference to it on the House show... some interesting stuff if you look into it.  Anyway, back to being a couch potato.

Posted at 09:43 pm by BrianRobb


"Though I feel itís impossible to forge a platonic friendship with a woman, Iím willing to give it a shot. Women make up more than half of the population and they turn up everywhere."

Rest of the article here

Posted at 06:00 pm by BrianRobb


Well the weekend is over.  PT is done.  About to eat a Cup O'Noodles because the DFAC wouldn't let me in with PT's.  Which is apparently some rule they decided to enforce today and today only.  It's bad enough the place was closed due to an "infestation" for almost 6 months.  Anywyay, going to learn Iraqi some more today.  And I'll be home for leave by Saturday!

Posted at 07:45 am by BrianRobb

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

   "Meno Abuk?"... assuming you took Iraqi Arabic gibberish and tried to spell it phonetically with roman letters... well you'd get "Who's Your Daddy?"  Loosely...

   The glorius things I learn in the army.  Almost time for a 4-day weekend.  Well it would be if I didn't have class on the Monday of it.  And on a random note.  A short blue-jean skirt and heels is the sexiest outfit for a girl... of all time.

Posted at 09:14 pm by BrianRobb

Sunday, November 05, 2006
Humbly taken by surprise

   Block leave is growing near.  Which means Thanksgiving.  But first this week I've got some Arabic/Iraqi language class that promises to be shamtastic.  It's sweet having the "sham shield." 

   And Oh MY God!  I just found a song written about ATHF.  A rapper called "Danger Doom" and apparently they've written about other Adult Swim cartoons.  Although it doesn't look like any of the songs are about The Venture Brothers.  I love iTunes.  If America wasn't free would we have iTunes?  Hell no.  We'd have something like "The Warsaw Pactunes."  Crazy military marches with some banjos for variety or some shit.

Posted at 08:35 pm by BrianRobb

Thursday, November 02, 2006
Insight of Public Enemy?

   The Nuggets don't come on until 10:30 here!  And the Av's aren't on at all.  Wretched East coast.  What credentials does it take to be a hype-man?  Flava Flav style I mean?  I can definitely say things like "word", "yeah", "uh-huh" and harmonize with spoken words (ie say the same words at the same time as someone else).  Hell I can even dress ridiculously.  Anyone out there need a hype-man?  Because I'm for hire!  What got me on that tangent?  Well Public Enemy's He Got Game.

   "It might feel good, it mind sound a little something.  But fuck the game if it don't say nothing."

   Pertinent words.  If you're not doing important things you might as well admit it.  Quit playing games and do something that matters.

Posted at 07:01 pm by BrianRobb

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